A guided meditation to calm and ground you.

This is a guided meditation that focuses on your breath and gently scans your energy centres (chakras). You can use this meditation to cope with a stressful situation, to relax and unwind, or as a warm up to a longer session or sitting.

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Frani has helped many clients over the years to become unstuck and discover or renew their purpose professionally or personally. Known for her calm and encouraging teaching and coaching style, she has gained the trust of many people who found themselves at a confusing crossroad in their career or personal life.

With a master’s degree in Coaching, Frani takes a person-centred approach and draws on extensive knowledge from the fields of Positive and Evolutionary Psychology to help her clients make major shifts in their thinking and actions.

She also applies the principles of minimalism and mindfulness to all her courses. Through her unique approach, she helps her students and clients discover the art of living a happier, more meaningful life – one small, liberating step at a time.

Class Curriculum

  6-Minute Breathing Space
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meditation?
Meditation is a mindfulness technique to help you control your thoughts and bring you to the present moment.
Which techniques are used in this meditation?
This meditation focuses heavily on breathing. We use the breath as an anchor to stay rooted in the present and explore tense areas in the body.
What are the benefits of this meditation?
This meditation will help you to relieve anxiety – especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed or need time out from a stressful situation. You can also use this meditation to set you up for the day by becoming more focused or unwind just before bedtime.

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